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Business development plan

"I started working with the Azienda Castello di Fosini at the end of 2005. There was a need for an agronomist who had
experience restoring local farms.
Fosini had been abandoned since around the 1970s. The only activity that remained until more recent years was
forest conservation and the use of the woods, which represent most of the Fosini territory, whereas the roads
and infrastructures were in a state of neglect.
The first thing to do was to understand what could be salvaged.
Fosini was the classic estate that had been run on a sharecropping basis for many, many years. The
photos from the 1950s and later years show the use of the various farmsteads, where each sharecropper had his
small vineyard, orchard, kitchen garden and livestock.
Unfortunately, after it was abandoned, the woods – as is always the case – took over to such an extent that
restoration would be extremely difficult.
We tried to understand which plots of land could be reused and for them, we came up with a project that, first of all,
attempted to identify the buildings that were easiest to reach and understand if it would be possible to develop
minimal farming activity there.
We rediscovered the crops of the area and noticed that there were numerous orchards, and they are still there now."

Giacomo Baffetti 
da "Fosini and its magic. Stories, faces and voices" 2014 by Italic, Ancona